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B035, Depth 226.2

Orientation Summary: In all images, CH0 is Black, CH1 is grey, CH2 is red and CH3 is purple

B001, CH0200.2deg E of N, CH1140.2, CH280.2, CH350.2,

P403, CH0250.7deg E of N, CH1190.7, CH2130.7, CH3100.7,

B004, CH0168.2deg E of N, CH1108.2, CH248.2, CH318.2,

B005, CH0319.7deg E of N, CH1259.7, CH2199.7, CH3169.7

B006, unknown Gauge angles at this time,

B007, CH0193.0deg E of N, CH1133.0, CH273.0, CH343.0,

B009, CH0271.4deg E of N, CH1211.4, CH2151.4, CH3121.4,

B010, CH0267.8deg E of N, CH1207.8, CH2147.8, CH3117.8,

B011, unknown Gauge angles at this time,

B012, CH0329.4deg E of N, CH1269.4, CH2209.4, CH3179.4,

B018, CH0267.0deg E of N, CH1207.0, CH2147.0, CH3117.0,

B022, CH0199.2deg E of N, CH1139.2, CH2179.2, CH3149.2,

B035, CH0279.1deg E of N, CH1219.1, CH2159.1, CH3129.1,