GTSM Technologies Borehole Deformation Animations

This page is intended to provide a graphical method for understanding strain in the earth, and visualising the deformation resulting from major geological signals such as tides and earthquakes.  The videos presented here are high definition  1280 x 720 media files, and therefore will take some time to download.  

Strain Definitions            Tide Deformation            Earthquake Deformation

Strain Definitions Animation

Download the Strain Definitions Animation HERE or click any of the images below. 

The "Strain Definitions" video concentrates on providing an understanding of a strain field, and the resulting strain components: Areal, Gamma1 and Gamma2 strains.  Included in this video are examples of how the actual gauges may be positioned within the strain field.  Here are some screen shots, the full animation is 2min and 36 secs long with a filesize of 19MB.  The file format is a WMV. 


Tide Deformation Animation

Download the Tide Deformation Animation HERE or click any of the images below. 

This video looks at real data, briefly outlining some of the processing steps used in preparing the data for display.  Included in this video are 4 representations of the same dataset.  The first three are for understanding the areal, gamma1 and gamma2 components similarly to the "Strain Deformation" video.  The final animation is of the raw processed dataset with the time sped up to show approximately 1 week of data.  The video duration is 2min and is 74.7MB. 


Earthquake Deformation Animation

Download the Earthquake Deformation Animation HERE or click any of the images below. 

Earthquakes are an ideal strain event to allow the representation of deformation in real time.  The "Earthquake Deformation Animation" shows a typical earthquake during the 2 predominant arrivals, the 'P arrival' and the 'S arrival'.  They are are animated independently due to the differing signal magnitudes.  The file is 2 min and 44 sec in duration and is 90.6MB.  The file format is a WMV.


August, 2008. 

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