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Building Borehole Tensor Strain Meters for the Geophysics Earth Strain Community

GTSM Technologies are the suppliers of 3 component borehole tensor strainmeters to UNAVCO for the Plate Boundary Observatory program of Earthscope, the major Research Equipment initiative (2004) of NSF, and to the Central Geological Survey in Taiwan.

This site provides information about the GTSM instruments, including:

· Where the systems are located (USA and Taiwan, Japan , and  Korea )

· General site information where available

· Downloadable data from Active Projects if public

Here are direct download links to currently available data.  The download pages provide a tool for downloading data over a selected date range  in multiple ASCII formats with or without timestamps, Bottle form, and Raw Archive form (as stored in the instrument).  There is also an archive of PBO data which has been processed to strain.





For PBO data downloads, the material is based on data, equipment, and services provided by the Plate Boundary Observatory operated by UNAVCO for EarthScope ( and supported by the National Science Foundation (No. EAR-0350028 and EAR-0732947).


What makes good strain data?


GTSM Processing Methods for Generating Strain Data


GTSM Technologies is located in:




Phone: +61 7 3376 4848

E-mail: GTSM

GTSM Technologies has a purpose built software package for  viewing and processing of strain data and associated variables.  WinXQP merges and locally archives raw data files using original field file structures. It generates strain data, allows selective display and export of data sets to third party packages, and simplifies the process of keeping a local archive of data of interest.




Events of Interest


Cascadia episodic event September 2005


M7 Honshu November 14, 2005 at PNW PBO array


Other Items of Interest


· NEHRP database updated to December 2008.  Data thereafter can be obtained from USGS.

· GTSM Processed Strain Data available for download, updated to October 3, 2012



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